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About Lois

Lois Wagner – your friend for forgiveness - helps you move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom after facing a life or business challenge or adversity. She guides you to build your resilience and grit, to develop a growth mindset, to energise your mojo, and learn to forgive. She does this via one-on-one coaching, group masterminds, and keynote presentations

Her work is based on her personal major adversities and life experiences. Lois lost a business and went bankrupt, she was attacked, raped, and left for dead, she was forced into retirement, and experienced many other challenges.

Lois learned to forgive (she forgave the rapist and the business partner who betrayed her) and to move on to a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Lois has written a book – Walking Without Skin: A Journey of Healing – From Fear to Forgiveness to Freedom. This is part memoir and part self-help guide.

Lois is a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource, training, business management, project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience.

Come and SMILE with Lois

S  – Speaking and Storytelling (author)

M – Mentoring

I  – Inspiring

L  – Learning facilitator - individual and group interactions, masterminds, and immersion workshops

E  – Empowering using coaching and consulting (Certified Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Coach)

Fly Free with Lois – Your Friend for Forgiveness


Learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is a gift. It:

  • Helps you put down those heavy burdens that are weighing you down, poisoning you, and destroying you
  • Decreases depression, anxiety, and negativity
  • Reduces anger, bitterness, resentment, and hate
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Allows you to move to a better place where you will hurt less and heal and recover
  • Gives you a sense of inner strength and safety
  • Makes you feel worthy and undefeated
  • Allows you to move on with your life
  • Gives your life meaning
  • Allows your love to shine
  • Allows you to find peace in the now and to fly free




The First Step to Forgiveness