Linda Gerdes-Mercer

Linda Gerdes-MercerLinda Gerdes-Mercer

Topic: Health & Aging


Have you ever wondered . . .

“How can I get off this crazy-busy treadmill?”

“Where did my energy go?”

“When is it going to be “my” time?”  

“Am I ever going to feel good again?”

“How can I stop running myself ragged, and take better care of myself?”

“Is there something I can do besides taking medications?”

Fortunately, your health challenges, frustrations and life disappointments are actually the beginning of what can become the most invigorating and rewarding chapter of your life to date . . . they can be an opportunity to grow, come into your own, and transcend old energies and patterns that keep you from living your best life. It’s your time to Thrive and Flourish, to not only heal from chronic health issues, but to heal all aspects of your well-being and live the life you were meant to live.

Hi! I’m Linda Mercer, MSW, a leading expert in the cutting-edge science of 10-minute health and wellness strategies. I help frustrated health and happiness seekers transform their pain, worry, and fatigue into vibrant health and indestructible happiness using my proven 10 Minute strategies. I have condensed my twenty-seven years of research, gathered while reversing my own autoimmune disease, into a comprehensive body-mind-spirit wellness program you or anyone can do easily. You will find that health and wellness don’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Your health and happiness are my passion and purpose.  Stick around this site and come back to visit often, as I promise to keep a steady flow of 10-minute life-changing inspiration and information flowing from me to YOU.  Welcome! Read more of my story on my website, and be sure to come and meet me at an upcoming event!