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Topic: Inspiration & History


Show Topic: Voices Of America’s Veterans

My ancestors fought in the Civil War and my father was a decorated 101st Airborne paratrooper during WWII. I am the sister of a Gulf War Veteran and former spouse of a Vietnam Veteran.

I share and honor our Veteran’s service and stories from the past and present. Each story is told by the Veteran, his/her spouse or children and reveals how we are all connected and affected by war.

The mission of Voices of American Veterans is to promote patriotism and assist in the healing process of our Veterans by interviewing and IMG_5467encouraging them to speak out and to let them know they are not alone.

“Some of us are given the gift of the sixth sense. You are a blessing to all of us Veterans. We all have stories to tell and some need encourages like you to pick us apart wound by wound to portray military service as an honor and not a curse. Thank you, Jenny!”
– Robert Demetry, Vietnam Veteran




When Daddy Comes Home

Gia loves her daddy. When he comes home from work, he gives her big hugs, swings her in circles, and even calls her his princess! When her daddy is called to serve his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gia talks to him on the computer, helps bake him cookie care packages, and waits for the day he can come home. But when her daddy finally returns from his war experiences with the wounds of a warrior, Gia and her family soon discover that even though life is different, everything is still alright. When Daddy Comes Home shares a poignant story for children of a soldier’s journey to and from war as the family who loves him learns to open their hearts to change in the most positive light.



Vietnam & Beyond

Vietnam and Beyond is a collection of wartime letters written home by Jim Markson from March 1967 to March 1968. Jim carried sadness and boxed-up memories from Vietnam. Perhaps, if it were not for the general divided and oppositional public opinion of the Vietnam War at that time, the soldiers returning home might have been able to open up and begin the healing process. Instead, those soldiers returning from Vietnam were afraid to tell their story. These fears bound each soldier to the other. We are very proud to embrace all veterans and include stories of veterans of all wars, including WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan to show the similarities of war and the soldier from one generation to another.




Comes a Soldier’s Whisper

The Golden Warrior and the bravest man I ever knew. “When Dave and I fought together, no matter how severe the action, he would put his hand on my shoulder, and it gave me a calming effect”. “He was as fi erce in battle as he was gentle in friendship”. -Charles E. Eckman, 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles Holtwood, Pennsylvania “I remember David as a kind, soft-spoken man and was intrigued that he was also Colonel Michaelis’ radio operator. All of these men were larger than life! Little is known about Michealis because he was in command of the 502nd for such a short, yet important, time”. -Peter J. K. Hendrikx, author of Orange is the Color of the Day Pictorial history of the 101st Airborne Liberation of Holland Madame Rolle, owner of Chateau Rolle-a castle located in Champs outside of Bastogne, Belgium, and was designated as the headquarter command post for the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment when she was a young girl-remembered our father operating his radio in her foyer, and said, “He was a nice young fellow who kept talking to someone named Roger”. -Madame Rolle This collection of letters, written by a young 101st Airborne paratrooper soldier to his sweetheart from 1943-1945, is so personal and matter-offact that I almost forgot that David Clinton Tharp was only one of millions of heroes made by World War II. David Tharp certainly deserves a book like this in his honor, and it deserves to be read and praised. It is a mustread for every American, and especially for veterans of war.



My Family Compass

My Family Compass is about a tight-knit family and the dark secrets that are bound to destroy their healthy relationship. This moving book chronicles Stone and her family’s journey into the abyss of deception, greed, pain, loss, and delusional entitlements. She aims to let the readers know, especially those who are dealing with the same problem, that they are not alone. How will Stone and her family survive through the web of pain and deceit? The answer lies between the covers of My Family Compass.