The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative


Do you know in your heart that you want to serve others? Are you excited to help families in many nations? The GPPI needs you today!

The Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative is the official charity of the WIN. This non-profit sister organization hosts events, sponsors education, and creates opportunities for communities worldwide. Our mission is “to increase the love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”

When you join in our service efforts, you join a community of women who directly impact change. You make a huge difference in the lives of families all over the world. Whether you choose to participate using your laptop at home or by travelling the globe with Dr. Paula and her Executive Team, you directly affect change in thousands of needy communities.

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“Being a part of GPPI inspires me to be more involved in creating a better world that can work for all!”

~Lori Anne Rising, GPPI Regional Director – USA


Members of the WIN Community who choose to participate with the GPPI have access to:

  • Thousands of service opportunities across the globe
  • Weekly progress emails from Dr. Paula
  • Monthly collaboration calls
  • A community of women to chat and communicate with in a private group
  • Travel opportunities with Dr. Paula and her Executive Team
  • Exclusive peace events and online gatherings


..And so much more!

Are you ready to join the WIN Community?