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Gina Longo | The Women's Information Network

About Gina


Gina Longo, creator of The Calmfident Leadership™ System, specialises in helping elite leaders in high-stakes, high-pressure environments who are struggling with their team’s substandard results to solve problems around communication, team building, compliance—and more—so they can get the results, raises, and recognition they deserve.

Many professional women find themselves feeling frustrated, undervalued, and unappreciated, and Gina understands how discouraging it can be when you give your best to help your team succeed, but you still don't get recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

As an airline captain and flight instructor—a "the buck stops here" female leader in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry—Gina was pilot in command on 3500+ flights, carrying more than 75,000 people (and many pets) safely to their destinations before she moved to Great Britain to instruct corporate pilots.

When her aviation dream vanished in the last recession, she went after a new dream and became an international solo traveller… and she and her two rescued German Shepherds spent three years roaming the Great British roads in a touring caravan with just each other for company.

After returning to the United States, Gina struck out in a direction that allows her to use her extensive leadership and communications experience, becoming a leadership consultant, a four-time bestselling co-author, and a certified Crew Resource Management Instructor, training leaders and their team members on how to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

And as a proud U.S. Air Force brat, she tends to answer the question, "Where are you from?" with an enigmatic "It depends."


You have the right stuff to be a leader.


You know what it takes.

Calm confidence.

But maybe someone else thinks you’re not ready—or not right—for leadership.

Maybe someone else thinks you should stay locked in your little box… because the thought of you succeeding as a confident, capable leader intimidates them.

But what THEY think doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is what YOU think… then what you DO to reach your goals.

Dream big. Then do.