Getting Started

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Welcome! We’re delighted you’ve joined Dr. Paula and her WIN Team as a Premier Expert, Coach or Mentor on the WIN Network!

Below are the ACTION STEPS to get your information on the WIN Network and promoted as quickly as possible. These steps take just a few minutes! Afterwards, the WIN Team will review your information and contact you within 24 business hours.

  1. Read the Welcome Letter HERE.
  2. Request to be added to our Excellence in Business Academy Facebook page – the home of our trainings and discussions. GO THERE NOW!
  3. Create your Facebook for Business page – in YOUR NAME, not your business name (not a personal Facebook page – it must be a BUSINESS page). This is where you will promote your business and implement what you learn in our weekly trainings. This is in addition to the marketing we will do for you. 🙂
  4. Submit your information to the WIN Network for review (your trainings, books, videos, products, etc.). Email Krissy Owens – This includes:
    • PDFs, videos, or audios included in your info/product.
    • Images you have created for your info/product.
    • Prices for your info/product.
    • Full description of what you would like to see on your page

Please do not only send a link to your main website or try to direct us to a page on your website for this information. Instead, send all PDFs, videos, audios, product images, pricing information, and page description as attachments in an email to Krissy. We cannot complete your page until this step has been completed, and we will re-request this information if we receive only links in your email to us.

That’s it! We welcome your questions on the Excellence in Business Academy Facebook page or email

We are excited about helping you succeed!
Dr. Paula and the WIN Team