The Women's International Network

Unbelievably, the first month of a brand new era will soon be in the books…time let’s catch-up….

For the last fifteen months, I have been “absent” from my usual correspondence to the members of The Global Society of Empowered Women (TheGSEW) …here’s the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of why…

In September 2018, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer that required two surgeries followed by six months of intense chemotherapy. Now in post-treatment recovery, my energy is returning, my focus is clear, and my passion for the work I have done throughout my professional years is on fire.

My decision to keep this info close-to-the-vest was purely personal based on the numerous uncertainties faced during that time. Today, I am grateful to be able to move forward so let’s do just that.

First, a bit of a back story…..eight years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder of the Women’s Information Network (WIN). I am excited to announce that after years of friendship, mutual respect, and support, Paula and I have determined how we can best serve the women of the world: we have decided to do it TOGETHER!

In keeping with the mission of TheGSEW to encourage and support women to live their best lives and to encourage others to do the same - without limits - this collaboration is designed to be of greater service to every woman, individually and collectively.

The work that Paula has done speaks for itself. She has been honored by U.S. Presidents: George W. Bush (Points of Light Award), Barack Obama and Donald Trump (The President’s Volunteer Service Award), as well as Colin Powell, and the great Marianne Williamson who refers to Paula as “...a force for good...,” to name but a few. Paula has traveled to 37 countries and, on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2011, hosted the largest gathering of women in the history of the world with 377 concurrent live events in 137 countries reaching more than one million women!

Paula has presented to Delegates at the U.N., at NATO Headquarters, at the World Movement of Mothers, Paris, and participated in the World Congress on Families, Geneva.

Paula has published in People Magazine, International Business Times, Boston Globe, Worth Magazine, Family Living and Executive Excellence, and she has published 6 books of her own including best-selling “Believe It! Become It.” She has taught her “Total Life Excellence” program around the world, which includes courses on positive growth and development in the multi-faceted lives of women: financial, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and personal relationships.

I am truly humbled to be collaborating with Paula and WIN and excited about the gifts, opportunities and experiences it gives you – all at the perfect time to start a brand new era!

Joining this collaboration are Global Women Thought Leaders: women who have already served women in all corners of the world. These Thought Leaders (TL) are mentors, educators, teachers, best-selling authors, and certified coaches from diverse disciplines. Each is dedicated to contributing her curriculum and experience to help you as you may need. New content is added every week and, as a woman registered with TheGSEW, all of this is yours AT NO COST.

(Having received this letter indicates you are REGISTERED with TheGSEW. As such you are now recognized as a member of WIN with basic membership benefits absolutely FREE! )

For ALL the complimentary benefits this gives you, you don’t have to do a thing. Just look forward to receiving information from Women’s Information Network (and TheGSEW) including motivational messages, invitations, complimentary downloads, and diverse opportunities to help you live your best life.

(Networking opportunities for ACTIVE members of TheGSEW remain exactly the same at using your Username and Password as well as normal “search” opportunities.)

HERE’S HOW IT GETS EVEN BETTER……. WIN invites all women of TheGSEW (registered and ACTIVE) to automatically upgrade to higher benefits at a very generously discounted exclusive offer for the women of TheGSEW. This means you will save anywhere from $360 - $3,600 per year if you choose to upgrade.

To upgrade and enjoy savings of 30%, click the link below and choose the program that serves you best. All levels are month-to-month and you can upgrade at any time.

As you will see, this is an amazing opportunity and I cannot appreciate Paula and WIN enough for making this amazing opportunity available exclusively to the women of TheGSEW!

My greatest hope is that this letter has found you well and in good health as we embark on this new era. WIN, the Thought Leaders, and TheGSEW are committed to making it a historical era for women.

The Women's Information Network (WIN) is a Global Community of Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives through CELEBRATION, SELF IMPROVEMENT, and SERVICE.

Click here to learn more about the WIN and review your FREE benefits as a GSEW Member

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for all you do to advance the role of women in the world. I truly hope you take advantage of what this unique collaboration offers….truly a WIN-WIN!

Sending heartfelt wishes to you and yours for a healthy, happy, prosperous and self-fulfilling 2020.


Beth Johnston