The Four Dames

The Four DamesThe Four Dames

Topic: Personal Development


Four dynamic certified Life Mastery Consultants and Result Experts are here to help YOU create the life YOU love living. By supporting you in all the domains of life: Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose, YOU design a life full of freedom, purpose, and fun that is aligned with your core BE-ing.

  • Our Purpose is to inspire and empower women to embrace the magnificent spark that resides inside every human soul. To expand, emerge and become the whole, powerful, healthy, loving, successful, happy woman who you truly are.
  • Our Vision is to offer interactive workshops, courses and programs that help uncover and discover your dreams and full potential to live the life you truly love living.
  • Our Passion is to support you through the process as you design your dreams and turn your possibilities into your results. By teaching you freedom in the four domains of Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose, you create and experience a harmonious life.

dame_barnettPatricia Barnett

Patricia Barnett is a successful Life Mastery consultant, speaker, life coach and author who has inspired and helped thousands around the world to release the creative genius within to bring forth their dreams. She is a results expert, helping people achieve the success they desire. With a dramatic win over a deadly illness, Patricia is a “thriver,” not a mere survivor, as she applies this dynamic attitude to every aspect of her life with unwavering belief. Her enthusiastic message is, “Anyone can achieve health, happiness, and success if equipped with the right tools.” Patricia is dedicated to her husband, Richard and their two incredible children.

Dame_Julie_2Julie Jones Hamilton

Julie Jones Hamilton is a certified Life Mastery Consultant partnering with women to expand in personal growth, professional success and intentional living. She is a highly trained specialist in transformative success principles, empowering women to listen to their own authentic voice, stand in their true power and embrace the tools to create healthy, life-giving, meaningful relationships. As a Results Expert and Vision Consultant, she offers corporate, individual, group and teleseminar coaching and courses. In the last twenty-two years Julie has inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of substance dependent women and their families. Julie is devoted to her husband and family and lives in both Lexington, Kentucky and in Dana Point, California. She enjoys her two married daughters, a college son and three grandsons, which are her passion.

dame_kitchenLynn Kitchen

Lynn Kitchen is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Certified Life Mastery Coach whose personal mission is to support others to reignite their inner passion and design a Legendary Life. Lynn works with executives, employee groups, professional associations and affinity groups delivering programs for success in creating more profit through crystal clear decision-making and greater service. She enjoys a 34 year career as a financial executive and money manager and was a pioneer as one of the first women on the west coast to open her own Investment Broker-Dealer. Lynn also served as a state-licensed spiritual practitioner specializing in grief support and renewal. Currently Lynn is Board Chair of Spirit Awakening Foundation, a non-profit agency that provides mentoring and aftercare to teen-age girls who are being released from incarceration at prison camps. Lynn lives with her husband in Longboat Key, Florida and Pasadena, CA.

dame_machaMarilyn Macha

Marilyn Macha is a Result Expert and Certified Life Mastery Consultant. She is a true visionary for financial awareness, wisdom and freedom. Having been a financial advisor for nearly 30 years, Marilyn has developed great acumen in creating strategies for making money work in the physical realm. Her passion lies with the commitment to know what really creates wealth…from the invisible realm. Marilyn delights in the understandings of and being a part of Wealth Creation as she shares that knowledge through speaking, teaching and coaching others to know how to create Real Wealth from within. Marilyn lives in Houston, Texas with her Husband John and has a loving son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren she adores.

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