What is eTV?

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Imagine watching experts share their powerful messages on 30 different topics, with new life-changing video shows every week!

The WIN Network will soon provide a wealth of information and rich resources for women worldwide through eTV for Women. We will be presenting 30 Shows on 30 Channels ~ that’s 900 experts sharing quality video shows every week!

WIN eTV is the first expert-driven programming for women in the world. WIN eTV is designed and created uniquely as a global platform for new media programming that will strengthen women worldwide in their personal lives, in their families, and in theirbusinesses.

Now, if you’re an expert, imagine sharing your expertise globally, with women in every area and arena on the planet ~ to create positive mind and heart movement and powerful progress for each participant… which ultimately results in a better world.

Our eTV Show Hosts are carefully chosen by The WIN Team to host their own online television programs. We are looking for the best-of-the-best to share their information (and their hearts) on 30 topics/channels. If you’re interested in learning more, click on theBecome an eTV Show Host button at the top of this page.

We are looking for women (and a few great men) whose voices will resonate throughout the world and whose ideas and expertise willhelp women everywhere step up and lead meaningful, joyful lives.

We are searching for experts with strong messages they are ready to share now…. experts with heart, commitment, vision and talent who are looking for a global platform. Is this you or someone you know? You (or they) could be chosen as one of the talented experts who will help change the world.

Now enjoy a few of the outstanding experts on our CEO Space Channel below ~ The WIN will be posting hundreds more shows soon!

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