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Of primary importance to the empowerment of women is their education.


Our WIN Mission begins like this, “We strengthen women and families worldwide through education…”.


It is largely through education that women worldwide move from survival mode to self-development, to self mastery, to selfless service. This process is also a “Hierarchy of Happiness” as demonstrated by women who have their needs (and their family’s needs) fulfilled, so they can “give back” and live lives of selfless service.


It begins with education.


As women are educated they are empowered to live their best lives. And that is also our intent, as stated in our motto: “We Are Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives”.


So how do we EDUCATE and EMPOWER women worldwide?

 WIN Events


Our events are powerful, life-changing experiences for attendees.

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eTV and eRadio


Expert “Show Hosts” share their messages on many different topics. These women are all authors and/or speakers who educate and inspire viewers and listeners through video and audio presentations, right here on The WIN Network.


Click here to view eTV Shows.


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Believe It! Become It!


This program, written by WIN Founder, Paula Fellingham, has taught thousands of people, in many countries, how to create positive change in their lives, and how to create their own joy and confidence – no matter what’s happening around them.


You will learn how to:

  • Believe in yourself and in your gifts and talents
  • Take total control of your thoughts, words, and actions
  • Release yourself from damaging beliefs from the past
  • Hurdle every obstacle in your path
  • Build personal power and never be offended again
  • Radiate joy and confidence to everyone you meet
  • Set high, achievable goals and exceed every one
  • Imagine your ideal self as you become that person
  • And much, much more…


Click here to learn more about “Believe It! Become It!”


Entrepreneur Certification


Are you ready to start and grow a business?


Do you want to take your business global?


The Entrepreneur Certification includes 12 easy-to-follow Modules and valuable resources (galore!) to take you from “IDEA to INCOME”.


As part of this program we also include experienced, successful entrepreneur Mentors to help you, every step of the way.


When you satisfactorily complete the 12 Modules and Final Assessment, you are then qualified to post an Official Entrepreneur Certification in your place of business. This proves that you are qualified and prepared as an expert in your industry, ready to grow your business with confidence, and with an Official Entrepreneur Certification.


Our Entrepreneur Certification is coming soon! Click here to be included on the list of people we’ll contact with more information.


Women Celebrating Life


From Paula Fellingham, Founder of Women Celebrating Life…


“I’m delighted to tell you about Women Celebrating Life! This is a

sisterhood of celebration, self-improvement, and service ~ designed for women 40 and older who want to enrich their lives and the lives of others.


Women Celebrating Life shows women how to reinvigorate their lives as they explore new possibilities, develop their talents, and connect with other women heart-to-heart through celebration, self-improvement, and service.


The mission of Women Celebrating Life is to help women 40 and older experience deep joy and fulfillment.


Although I’m a realist who admits that sagging isn’t sexy, I’m an optimist who declares that we’re not ‘over the hill’… we’re on TOP of the hill, seeing the endless possibilities before us!


Women meet in monthly ‘Celebration Circle’ Gatherings and together they enjoy celebration, self-improvement, and service. I invite and encourage you to join us!”


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