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Topic: Personal Development

Show Topic: Every Word has Power – tips and tricks to change your mind!
Why is your self-talk so important? Because your own thoughts and words are deciding your future this very second. It’s your destiny to be happy, healthy, prosperous and free on every level. As host of “Every Word has Power,” Dr. Yvonne’s mission focus is to train you in fun and practical ways to power your thoughts. You can direct your destiny and pick the future of your own choice. Always a trailblazer, she teaches her pioneering, leading edge techniques worldwide and has won two National U.S. awards for “Mind Magic”- her pioneering technique for clearing self-talk and negative emotions in seconds.

She brings you to your optimum sense of personal power and directs you to quantum leap your personal growth and life choices. She leads individual and group mentorings with the mission of finding women who are ready to stand in their own light. Watch the Dr. Yvonne show weekly to get fantastic insights into the amazing workings of your own mind!

Are you one of her twenty? Dr. Yvonne has set a Global Initiative to find her TWENTY outstanding women who will learn everything she knows and bring it to the world as new leaders of the future. Through her 4 day NLP and Hypnosis trainings in the US and Canada she brings humor, practicality and outstanding excellence to this front running communication field. Go to www.GlobalWelcome.com to find out more.

In addition, Dr. Yvonne’s Corporate Coaching and Mentoring is offered through her one to four day Selling and Loving It and Leadership Trainings. As a Keynote Speaker and trainer for over twenty years, speaking to and working with parents, teachers, police, Fortune 500 companies, individuals and entrepreneurs, Dr. Yvonne brings dynamic motivation, laughter, hope and a sense of self-understanding to her seminars. Her Ph.D. is in Clinical Hypnosis so she has a unique approach to life for success achievement so much more easily than you ever thought possible. Her magical, fast acting work with suicidal teens and individuals, PTSD, cutting, phobias, alcoholics, depression and childhood sexual abuse has made her a sought after expert in her field.

Her bestselling book, Every Word has Power, now in ten languages, is available everywhere and redefines how you speak to yourself and others, as well as offering tips and techniques to map your way along life’s path with sweetness and ease. Go to www.amazon.com to get your copy now and give it to everyone you know who needs to improve their relationships with themselves and others! The follow up action kit, “Your Every Word has Power”, has three 21 day challenges along with two Cd’s and 32 action cards.

You know on some level you can meet every challenge with confidence – let Dr. Yvonne save you years and teach you how to take your place in the sun quickly and get the recognition you deserve. What do you really want? You are the treasure of the world; you were born to be more than you ever thought possible. Listen to the call for freedom and open the magic deep inside your mind. Direct your destiny one word at a time. Expect magic.

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