“Creating Positive Change” Series – Part 11

By Dr. Paula Fellingham

To quickly review, in my previous video (number 10 of 12 in this series), we discussed “Becoming Your Ideal Self by Vividly Imagining and Acting As If”. The first step in the process is to set high achievable goals. Key steps re: setting your goals was the subject of blog #10. Steps 2 – 7 are what I’m going to talk about now. Detailed information about this subject can be found in my book “Believe It! Become It!”

  1. Write Your Goals in Detailed Specifics

This is of upmost importance. There was an experiment conducted in 1985, with 100 high school students who all decided on future goals. Fifty of the students talked about their goals but never wrote them down. Fifty students wrote their goals in specific terms and set time limits. Ten years later the students were questioned. Of the fifty students who didn’t write their goals down, 15% achieved them. Those who wrote in specific details with time deadlines, 92% achieved their goals!

Give your mind a clearly-defined goal it can envision and work toward. Here’s a good example: “I will give the presentation to 12 people before Friday at noon.”

  1. Give Yourself a Time Limit. You want dreams with a deadline.
  2. Break Goals Into Small, Do-able Steps.
    No matter how large the task, it is infinitely easier when broken down into daily tasks.
  3. Consistently and Enthusiastically Take Action

Tom Peters said, “Nothing good or great can be done in the absence of enthusiasm.

When the alarm goes off and you know that means work-out time, instead of thinking “Oh, man…there is no way this body can get on that treadmill” Think instead, “Okay – mind over mattress – here we go again – another chance to turn this body into a macho machine or raving beauty!” Have fun with it…your subconscious is paying attention!

  1. Notice What’s Working (or not) and Reward Yourself Along the Way

Using positive reinforcement is the best way to learn (and teach)!

For example, if your goal is losing weight, then immediately reinforce the slightest progress. The moment you choose to walk by the cookie jar instead of reaching in, say to yourself, “Good job! I feel great at 138!” Or, “I feel fine at 209!” (Or whatever is your ideal weight)

  1. Continue to Make Course Corrections Until You Achieve

All airplane pilots, CEOs and ship captains understand this: staying on-course as you progress toward your goal requires course corrections. From time to time, as you move toward your goal, you’ll veer a little to the right or to the left because distractions and obstacles are inevitable. Count on them; don’t let them discourage you. Make course corrections and get back in the groove.


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Ambassador Mohktar Lamani, Former Director of the OIC (working with all Islamic Nations) at the United Nations

“Paula Fellingham has the wonderful ability of empowering people to improve their lives and their relationships. As she strengthens individuals and families, she is strengthening communities and nations by providing solutions that work.”


Jill Donnelly, Former President of the World Movement of Mothers, Paris, France

“Paula, you’re doing wonderful things to strengthen families in America. The good work you’re doing is needed now, more than ever before in the history of our world, as we sadly watch the disintegration of the family. It’s happening in every nation on the face of the earth. If only we had more women like you to lead families toward a brighter tomorrow!”


Deneen Morgan-Burley, Baltimore, MD

“Paula, I want to take the time to thank you for doing this for WOMEN. We need all of the encouragement, mentoring, and uplifting that we can get. More importantly, however, we need the LOVE. That’s what each of us felt radiate from you. I am grateful that our paths crossed and we are now a part of one another’s lives. I am so happy and thankful to be able to step forward and serve. May we continue to let our light shine as we do all we must to continue to be “Women Helping Women to live Our Best Lives.” God bless you. Keep smiling and making a difference in the lives of other women.” 


Val McCloud – Savannah, GA

“The time has come. I’m on a fast track now. Much has manifested since the Global Women’s Summit in Savannah. I’m in the early steps of having my own television show, clothing line and specialty food/water product line. I’ve also recently partnered with Delta to promote and expand their global healthy initiatives. I am their official spokesperson and will participate in their annual {my first} 5K on May 17 in Atlanta.  All things are possible when we believe.”  


Linda Pringle Evans, Columbus, Ohio

“Things are going extremely well for me. I am blessed and I thank YOU and the Global Women’s Summit experience for assisting my journey. The connections I made are everlasting. Because of you I have realized my 5 core services and thanks to the Global Women’s Summit, God, and Paula, I have also found myself!”


Gail Page, CA

“What a fantastic two days! I learned and re-learned so much. How lucky we were to have you visit our town and share your gifts with us. You and your group changed lives and helped us remember what is good in the world. What a blessing to all of us that you came! Thank you so much.”