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Connecting well and collaborating with others have always been two critical keys to success in all relationships and in every business.


At The WIN, these are two things we do very well! We connect heart-to-heart at all our events, and online we connect through our WIN Forum.


And we collaborate with affiliate partners, authors, speakers, experts, attendees, and everyone we can, every chance we get. Yes, we love creating “WIN WINS!”.


  • WIN Events


We present LIVE events worldwide because we know that live heart-to-heart connections are always better than online connections. The WIN is currently presenting 1,000 Global Women’s Summits in 152 countries, from 2011 – 2021.


Click here to learn more about our Global Women’s Initiative.


  • Women’s News


We are dedicated to helping women live their best lives: all women, in every nation. We love all women, all ages, in all cultures, no matter what they believe, and no matter what choices they make in their lives.


We know that peace begins with an understanding of one another. We need to be aware of one another’s challenges, needs, desires, and dreams. And so it is important to share what’s happening in the lives of women worldwide. We need to know so we can help, even if our “help” is a simple prayer.


We urge you to learn about your sisters across the globe. And we invite you to participate in our global outreach. To learn more, click here.


  • WIN Forum


We invite you to CONNECT and COLLABORATE with women worldwide on our WIN Forum – coming soon!!


  • WIN Membership


Would you like join our caring global community of Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives?


We’d love to include you in our sisterhood!


To read about WIN Membership, click here.


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  1. I work for a non-profit called People Helping People. We are engaged in aiding people, mostly single mothers, gain the tools they need to obtain gainful employment in the right type of companies so they can support their families, start building careers, and become self-sufficient.

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