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Up to 30 women join each magnificent Circle of Sisters Retreat. Women from nations worldwide attend, so participants have the opportunity to connect with amazing “sisters” from other countries. Women who choose to participate in these unique events learn and grow exponentially in their personal lives and in their businesses!

At a WIN Circle of Sisters Retreat you will…

  • Receive TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE Trainings to improve mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and with all your relationships.
  • Participate in interactive learning activities.
  • Enjoy healthful (and sometimes decadent!) delicious food (all you can eat!).
  • Learn from WIN Thought Leaders and Guest Experts.
  • Connect and network with Retreat attendees. 😊
  • Love the “WIN FUN” activities – swimming, hot tubbing, yoga and more!

More information…

WIN Circle of Sisters Retreats are 4-DAYS and 3 NIGHTS. We invite you to read just a few of our many glowing testimonials that describe our life-changing and inspirational Retreats!

Anne Marie Collette, Canada

"Paula, traveling with you to India transformed me. To be in your presence and the presence of the group was delightful. I valued our conversations and the teachings you shared with us so openly and authentically. To have had this opportunity is a privilege and an honour. I will forever cherish these memories. By observing you as an inspiring global leader and speaker, I learned the do’s and don’ts, for which I am very grateful. Who I was before embarking on this journey to India has changed. I have been shifted me to a higher dimension on many realms."

Julie Hundley, Holladay, Utah

“The Circle of Seven Sisters’ Mastermind Retreat was a great experience for me. I enjoyed heartfelt connections, learned skills to take my business to the next level, and met six other beautiful women with whom I could learn and share my passions with. It was a good mix of business and pleasure, and it’s a great way to re-energize yourself so you can show up differently in your life and in your business!”

Diana Vickers, Bakersfield, California

“I attended a wonderful Circle of Sisters’ Mastermind Retreat. The setting was on beautiful Utah Lake with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. I had the opportunity to meet six incredible, like-minded women who were personally selected by Paula. The content was very educational and fulfilling. I came away with many take-aways that will help me achieve total life excellence, and I formed lifelong friendships with beautiful women from across the world.”

Cecily Mwaniki, Great Britain

It was a fantastic conference that completely rejuvenated me and my business. I came back well-energized and I’ve not looked back since! Because of Paula’s teachings, and the things I learned at the event, I became like a new person and a much better businesswoman. I am now running a themed, empowering network for women (cmnnetwork.co.uk). And I recently hosted a very successful Summit in Great Britain. Thank you, Paula, and your team ~ you changed my life!

This includes…

  • Your 4 Day Retreat accommodations (does not include airfare).
  • All of your food and entertainment.
  • Life-changing personal and business training for four days.
  • Expert guest speakers and amazing international connections.

WIN Circle of Sisters Retreats – valued at $6,000 - include all Retreat Trainings, accommodations, food, entertainment, and much more! (Travel not included).

For WIN Members ($9.97/mo) the cost of a fabulous Circle of Sisters Retreat is only $2,997.  

For WIN WIN Members ($97/mo) the cost is discounted another 25% ($899 off!). Their Retreat cost is only $2,098!

Each Retreat is limited to 30 women. (Sign up soon!)

More testimonials from happy women
who LOVE WIN Retreats!


DiAnna Gamecho, Pacific Grove, California

“There is nothing more powerful than to stand hand-in-hand with women from other nations who desire to change the world and who desire to change themselves personally...women who want to become the BEST they can be for ​others who are waiting for the magic to happen in their lives.”

Abigail Larson

"Being with and learning from Dr. Paula while traveling has been a mind-blowing, eye opening, and life changing experience. From attending several global peace events to visiting privately with many refined dignitaries, I have had the unique opportunity of observing Dr. Paula and learning from her cultivated example as she creates strong relationships, gives in every way possible, and inspires everyone around her, all while smiling and laughing at every turn. I was most impressed by her pattern of offering help to everyone she met." -Abigail Larson

Daniella Davila, Lisbon, Portugal

“Paula’s Circle of Sisters brought so much to us: sacred moments, a beautiful sisterhood, and, to me, a magnificent, life-changing breakthrough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Peggy Berry, Hayward, California

“In the process of getting to know each other over video calls, and then being able to meet personally at the Retreat, I feel closer to my sisters in the Circle than I have ever felt to my biological sisters. Yes, I am closer to these women of varying ages and backgrounds than I am with my two biological sisters.”

Shanna Spicer, Salt Lake City, Utah

“What a precious and tender and beautiful experience to be with a Circle of Sisters! After a week together sharing, trusting, learning, and growing in the knowledge of Paula’s beautiful principles for success and joy-filled, purposeful living, we will be ‘forever’ sisters and friends.”

Leslie Weber, Saratoga Springs, Utah

“I was so blessed to attend the Circle of Seven Sisters’ Mastermind Retreat. It was a joy to learn about a wide variety of meaningful things. This included growth in areas of personal, business, financial, mental and physical health, and service to others. Paula was an exceptional teacher and mentor. Everything was taught in ways that were easy to understand and to implement in my daily life. I loved learning and progressing in an empowering, safe, loving environment. Paula, thank you SO MUCH for a fully enlightening, inspiring, encouraging, educational, growth-filled week!”

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Our next two Retreats


May 21 – 23 in Saratoga Springs, Utah (on a beautiful, big lake)

August 6 – 8 in Saratoga Springs, Utah

October 15 – 18 in Hyderabad, India – WIN INNER CIRCLE ONLY ($997/mo) Retreat at the GORGEOUS Pragati Resort