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Beth is an out-of-the-box thinker. She focuses on introducing wealth and prosperity into the lives of others through in-depth personal experiences. She has guided, trained and consulted with individuals and families to become financially successful and build meaningful wealth.


Working for regional investment firms previously she now operates her own referral based boutique firm where she specializes in creating a path where people can eliminate debt, build a predictable retirement, and communicate better with partners about money. She works to support others and take responsibility for their own wealth.


Beth says, “There are financial principles each of us should know and incorporate into our lives – and then there are specific strategies that optimize the way we use money. Some dollars you own have one job, but what if that same dollar could perform multiple jobs at the same time? Would you be further ahead in your financial game? The answer is – yes!”


Beth developed the LIFE Legacy System to capture and enhance each person’s dynamic life by collecting and revisiting each of their true assets on a regular basis. This creates an atmosphere of abundance and leads to valuing all of ones assets. It’s a different kind of net worth statement!


She earned the Certified Wealth Strategist™ designation focusing on 17 Critical Wealth Enhancement Strategies. She also acquired the much desired designation of Certified Legacy Consultant™ by The Heritage Institute™ where she learned to assist families transfer their values along with their valuables.


Beth worked one of the leading change agents – Marshall Thurber – to deliver a unique and highly successful planning process to small businesses bringing focus to key initiatives and support management in the creation, development and actionable implementation of an accelerated strategic plan. Through this process key leaders actively develop cohesive teams focused on delivering extraordinary client experiences to ensure long lasting relationships with staff, internal and external clients.


What She Believes In:

  • Family
  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Gratitude


What She Focuses On:

  1. Creating and maintaining meaningful wealth
  2. Debt reduction and, if desired, debt elimination
  3. Building a predictable retirement
  4. Reducing unnecessary taxes
  5. Distribution strategies surrounding income for retirement years
  6. Transferring your true wealth to those you care about (and transferring your financial wealth in the most efficient and effective manner legally available)


She is an avid philanthropist after tasting the rewards of supporting others through gifts of time and money. Beth is a founding member of The Women’s Fund of Portage County and served on the Steering Committee and Treasurer as well as serving on Grants, Endowment and other special committees.


She served nine years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation. She served as board president and was called upon to serve on the Finance, Communication, Marketing, Investment, and Administrative committees.


Beth is also a mentor in the Reaching Across Generations, a professional mentorship program to young women at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. She is an active member of church, a sponsor and supporter of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage®, Alumna of the Portage County Leadership Institute, a guest speaker and serves as a school, church and community volunteer.


Most of all, Beth is a dedicated wife to Dave, and Mom of three fantastic children – Hailey, Chelsey and Jase. Two little granddaughters, Landrey and Livvey, light up her life. Beth believes she is truly blessed in any and every way.


Note: The Certified Legacy Consultant™ designation is now known as the Heritage Design Professional®.


Please spend some time with Mark Gungor and Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage® at – it will be well worth your time!

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