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are collaborating to bring the women of the world


The mission of the Global Women’s Association and the Women’s Information Network is the same: “to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurship, in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, and to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on earth.”

Our motto: “We Are Women Helping Women Live Our Best Lives”.

We fulfill our mission in numerous ways. We educate, inspire, and connect women worldwide on our online educational and social networks: and


Additionally, we fulfill our mission through a glorious Global Women’s Initiative. We are currently presenting 1,000 live events for women worldwide from 2011 – 2021. These events are called Global Women’s Summits.

The purpose of Global Women’s Summits is: “To Enlighten the Minds and Empower the Hearts of Women Worldwide…for a Better World.” Summits in different countries are slightly customized, even though the topics and format remain the same.

The GWA and The WIN strengthen women in all areas of their lives – personally, in their families, and in their businesses. We help women achieve Total Life Excellence.

Ambassadors are experienced, qualified women who represent the GWA and the WIN as they
present Global Women’s Summits and fulfill their mission  in  countries worldwide.


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Ambassador Description

As a GWA/WIN Ambassador, you will:

  1. Participate in the Ambassador Training. This Training, presented by Founder Paula Fellingham, is held online through video and written content, and through interactive webinars. You may watch the videos and read the information at your convenience.


  1. Work directly with a member of The WIN Team as you prepare to present a Global Women’s Summit in a country of your choice.


  1. Present your Global Women’s Summit(s) with love and professionalism. We supply you with everything you need to present an excellent event. For example, you will be given the Global Women’s Summit Agenda, you will be provided with speakers, videos, Awards Certificates, and much more. You will receive all the training you need to be successful.


    1. Agree to present a minimum of one Global Women’s Summit during 2016. If possible, we would like you to present your Global Women’s Summit on or right before INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (March 5, 6, 7 or 8). See (one of Paula’s websites). After you have presented one Global Women’s Summit, you may choose to present more. You will pay for your personal travel and accommodation costs when you travel to a Global Women’s Summit. The GWA/WIN and/or the in-country Event Directors will pay all costs of the Summit.


    1. You will work directly with your in-country Event Director. Together you will connect and collaborate with women’s organizations (in-country), you will work with your Event Director and The WIN to fill the seats at your Summit, and present a beautiful event.


    1. Enjoy support on the Facebook page for Ambassadors. This Facebook page, especially for Ambassadors, will be used to communicate with other Ambassadors and to receive support, new ideas and strategies. Additionally, other WIN Ambassadors will become your friends, and you’ll increase your personal and professional relationships with women worldwide.Ladies-2 (2)


  1. Make powerful, life-changing differences in the lives of women and families in nations across the world. As you know, this is priceless!



Founder Paula Fellingham would love to talk with you about this opportunity. Email Paula to schedule a conversation; she’ll answer all your questions.
Email or call +1.866.GO.WOMEN (469.6636).