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About Angela


Angela Cody-Rouget, aka Major Mom, used to have the keys to the nukes, but now she declutters and organizes homes with her teams of Liberators in various locations. Angela spent 14 years dedicated to serving her country in the US Air Force as a satellite control commander and missile combat crew commander. She attained the rank of Major and her husband nicknamed her Major Mom after their first child was born. After her son was born in 2005, she decided military life and motherhood were no longer compatible. So, she left the military and created Major Organizers®, a residential organizing company. She has been building the Major Organizers brand since November of 2006. She was featured on the military episode of Shark Tank on February 5, 2016 and began franchising her concept in 2017

Angela was born to create order out of chaos. She is on a mission to raise up an army of Liberators so she can restore order to the world, one household at a time! She sees that she’s part of a larger global family, and longs for her business to grow so that she can give more to help those in need – especially orphans. Like most women, she sometimes feels torn between kids and career and the balancing act is difficult, but she’s thankful for a husband who is supportive and understanding and she couldn’t do life without him.  Angela married a Frenchman. Since she is 50% German (and everyone knows Germans are known for their strong regimented lives and organization), it’s been an interesting blend of backgrounds!

She earned a BA in Speech Communication at Indiana University and an MBA from University of Colorado. Angela is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Executive Director of Faithful Organizers.




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