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The Women Celebrating Life program is at the heart of the WIN Network. It’s an important part of the “CELEBRATE” piece.


Women Celebrating Life – FREE for WIN members - was created especially for women 50 and older who are ready to experience deep joy and purpose, making these the best years of their lives.

Women Celebrating Life participants join Celebration Circles. These are gatherings of women who meet once a month in groups of 5 to 15, in the Celebration Circle Director’s home, or at another place chosen by members of the Circle.

Here’s how they work….


Starting a Celebration Circle in your community is as easy as 1, 2, 3….


  1. Tell 5 to 15 friends about Women Celebrating Life and invite them to join the WIN (only $9.97/month) and come for a one-hour Celebration Circle meeting in your home once a month. Invite them to also bring a snack to share.
  2. When your friends arrive at your Celebration Circle gathering, enjoy your snacks and visit for a few minutes until everyone arrives. Then, show the 10 minute “Celebration Circle Getting Started” video. This video will help you know if you’d like to become a Celebration Circle Director; it has details about how Circles work. Here’s the video link – you’re welcome to watch it now:
  3. Follow the directions in the video and enjoy your time together. At the end of your Celebration Circle gathering, set the day/time/location for your next Circle gathering and invite your friends to be thinking of your Circle’s special name. Circles’ names will be posted on the WCL website. Posting photos is optional. Your friends are welcome to invite their friends, but they need to secure your (the Director’s) permission first, and join the WIN. Once you have 15 women, your group is full. Someone in your group, or the 16th member, can start a new group if they wish. You are welcome to have a group with fewer than 15 women; 5 is the minimum.
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FYI – All the content you will ever need for your Celebration Circle Gatherings will be provided for you by the WIN. However, you will have total flexibility (explained in the video). We will help and support you every step of the way!

If you have any questions, call our very cool number: 1.866. GO WOMEN (469.6636).

Click here to start a Women Celebrating Life Circle in your area.