About Global Women’s Summits

About Global Women’s Summits

Global Women’s Summits are 1 day events that happen across the globe! 


How to Catapult Your Business Forward in a Fast-Paced World

These events are for you if you are in business and you want to know how to increase your sales, learn the newest online techniques and social media strategies (that work!), improve your marketing, and much more. And this day is for you if you want to eventually take your business global and sell to clients/customers worldwide.

During this section of our presentation, experts from our team will teach you how to excel in every part of your business. You will learn how to start and/or move your business forward in powerful ways.

gws picEnlighten Your Mind, Empower Your Heart and Live an Extraordinary Life!

Get ready to learn exactly how to excel in every area of your life (see list below)! Our powerful presentations and videos have changed the lives of women across the globe. You will learn how to:

  • Believe in yourself and in your unique, God-given gifts and talents
  • Radiate joy and confidence as you build personal power
  • Set and reach high, achievable goals
  • Make money doing what you love!
  • Monetize your message/skill and share it with the world
  • Be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside (health and beauty)
  • Overcome every obstacle in your life (tools that really work!)
  • Become a very influential person
  • Live a meaningful, extraordinary life!
  • And much, much more…

We invite you to watch “The WIN Story” video on the homepage to hear some of the MANY testimonials about how Global Women’s Summits help women excel in every area of their lives. You’ll hear, “I came not expecting anything and have walked away with everything!” This is what happens at every Global Women’s Summit. Women are amazed at how much they learned about themselves, and they set new, incredible goals that will improve their lives by the end of the event.

Finally, Global Women’s Summits all include fabulous networking, excellent entertainment and an Awards Ceremony for “Outstanding Women Leaders” in each community. If you’re looking to get in touch with other like-minded women about business and meet incredible women from around the world, don’t miss this event!

The WIN is presenting 1,000 Global Women’s Summits to fulfill their mission “to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurship, in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, and to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on earth.”

Register for a Global Women’s Summit near you!

Global Women’s Summit Event Director Testimonial ~ Ingun Bol, Netherlands: “When The WIN invited me to be the Global Women’s Summit Event Director in the Netherlands and CEO Paula Fellingham told me about their vision of women helping women and families worldwide, there was no doubt in my mind that I would do this. It has been an amazing and very rewarding journey. Meeting all these fabulous women while preparing the event and meeting with all the award winners was like a gift to me. My network of powerful women grew every day, not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. The energy during the Summit was unstoppable so we all continued to meet together each month after the Summit.”

GWS Event Director Testimonial ~ Lesley Dewar, Australia: “Money could not buy the amazing expansion of my business and the dramatic widening of my circle of influence that happened because I was the Event Director at a WIN Global Women’s Summit in Australia. We all enjoyed a fabulous event and the networking was superb! I will always be grateful for this wonderful opportunity!”

GWS Event Director Testimonial ~ Roberta Budvietas, Auckland, New Zealand: “Being involved with Global Women’s Summit was a very interesting growth experience. As a result of the Summit, I now have many new friends around the world!”

GWS Event Director Testimonial ~ Patricia Varley, Maui, Hawaii, USA: “All the women who attended our Global Women’s Summit in Hawaii were thrilled and so glad they came! The learning, the loving, the laughing, and the heart-to-heart connecting made it a day I’ll never, ever forget. A huge THANK YOU to The Women’s Information Network ~ what a fabulous event!!!”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Galina Richardson (From Russia): “I LOVED this Global Women’s Summit! Thank you so much for coming and bringing such wonderful information!”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Shar Scofield: “LOVED IT!!!! Thank you.”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Liz Marks: “Thank you for your time. I will use the information I learned at this Global Women’s Summit in my dental office to help grow my team.”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Suzanne Alexandra: “Thank you for being my heroes!”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Jeanne Madrid: “I gleaned that I’ve been on the right track in life. I will now empower younger women to “DO”. I loved you all!!”


GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~ Diane Curriden:“I learned that my life is right in line with all that you represent. I’m so happy you are educating women in this way. Thank you!”


GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~Myra Howard (City Council Member):“This was a delightful experience!”

GWS Event Attendee Testimonial ~Michelle Alexander:“At this Global Women’s Summit I met some AMAZING women! Thank you. My goals are now in sight. I can see them, and I will DO them all!”

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