5 Tips To Beautiful Skin

5 Tips To Beautiful Skin

By The Women’s Information Network
December 30, 2014

These 5 tips to beautiful skin will allow you to keep your skin looking and feeling fabulous without expensive creams or lotions. Learn more at The WIN Online.


Beautiful skin is a coveted quality in today’s society, so much so that women and men alike turn to methods like botox, plastic surgery, and excessive make up to get “the look.” But you don’t have to spend a lot of money or plaster your skin with a lot of gunky foundation to get to youthful, beautiful skin! Here are 5 tips for keeping your skin feeling and looking fabulous:

  1. Eat Green Foods

The condition of your skin is controlled by several major organs: The liver, small and large intestines, kidneys, adrenals, and thyroid. When all of those major organs are healthy, your skin condition definitely shows it. High quality leafy green foods are highly beneficial for all of those major organs, and your skin benefits from what your organs benefit from.

  1. Hydrate

Water is what keeps your skin tight and full, so keeping your body hydrated is going to be vital to the overall health if your skin. Make sure you’re drinking water (no, soda and juice don’t count) all day long, and you’ll be seeing huge improvements in pore size and overall color of your skin.

  1. Moisturize

Dry skin leads to peeling and flaking, so give your face a little love! Using some type of moisturizer every day is going to really improve the feel and look of your skin. Fragrance-free, creamy moisturizer will generally absorb better and work more efficiently than artificially scented lotions, so head to your local grocery store or health food store and pick some up today!

  1. Sleep

Your body loses millions of cells every day, so spending some time regenerating those cells is extremely important. Most of the body’s healing happens at night while you’re sleeping, so make sure you are getting plenty of Z’s each night. If you do, you’ll notice better color and circulation in your face as well as in the rest of your skin. So don’t feel guilty about sleeping in a little bit – your skin deserves it!

  1. Exercise

When blood is flowing equally throughout your face, the color of your skin resembles more of a peachy color, even if your natural skin color is white. Exercise is a major contributor to good circulation throughout the body, and it’s certainly easy to spot on the face. So find an activity you love and get moving! Your face will thank you.

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