Simple Ways to Unplug The Power of Toxic Personalities

By Dr. Paula Fellingham Let’s talk about “human porcupines” – the toxic personalities in our lives who challenge us on many fronts. Some are co-workers; some are relatives. How do you deal with these folks? First, let’s define their common characteristics. They: Are critical, judgmental Have high, unrealistic expectations; perfectionists Manipulate others by guilt, ridicule Read more about Simple Ways to Unplug The Power of Toxic Personalities[…]

Happy New Year! A few thoughts…

By Dr. Paula Fellingham There is nothing quite as exhilarating and exquisite as knowing that you have no ill will toward any person. Conversely, carrying anger, resentment, or hostility toward another acts like a poison in your system. And it has a rippling effect on everything you do – from your work productivity to your Read more about Happy New Year! A few thoughts…[…]


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