Ecuadorian girl attends school

U.N. to Spotlight Ecuador’s Punitive Abortion Law

By Fabiola Carrion and Amanda Klasing WeNews commentators Wednesday, February 18, 2015 This week international groups are joining Ecuadoran women and girls to urge the U.N. to press Ecuador’s government to reform its abortion laws. Currently unsafe abortion is the second leading cause of injury in women and girls in the country. (*LEFT: A young schoolgirl Read more about U.N. to Spotlight Ecuador’s Punitive Abortion Law[…]

Nigerian police neglect widows of cops slain by Boko Haram – study

NAIROBI, 12 March 201 By Obinna Anyadike, Editor-at-Large Are the police taking care of their own? IRINNEWS.COM – – The Nigerian Police Force is not only failing to pay all the financial  benefits owed to the families of their officers killed in action against Boko Haram militants, but in some cases sexual favours and kickbacks Read more about Nigerian police neglect widows of cops slain by Boko Haram – study[…]

How To Live Well On One Income

How To Live Well On One Income By Paula Fellingham March 4, 2015 Learning how to live off of one income can sometimes be overwhelming , but there are ways to do it and still live comfortably.   Chances are, if you’re part of a two-income household, there have been times when you wondered or Read more about How To Live Well On One Income[…]

Secrets from Real-Life Millionaires!

Secrets from Real-Life Millionaires! By The Women’s Information Network March 6, 2015   While you may think that millionaires are all high-rollers and big spenders, some of the basic principles that they built their wealth upon may surprise you!   Most people imagine millionaires driving fancy cars and wearing designer clothes, but in reality, most Read more about Secrets from Real-Life Millionaires![…]

LinkedIn: How To Optimize Your Profile & Get More Business

LinkedIn: How To Optimize Your Profile & Get More Business By Karen Palmer April 6, 2015   This week, your host Karen Palmer welcomes her guest expert on LinkedIn. Melissa Washington is the founder of Melissa Washington, Inc. She is a speaker, author, corporate event professional and LinkedIn workshop trainer who is passionate about connecting Read more about LinkedIn: How To Optimize Your Profile & Get More Business[…]

Worried about a gas price spike? Now there’s gas insurance.

CNN – Chances are gas prices will eventually rebound above $3 a gallon nationally, though no one can say with certainty when that will happen, let alone how high they’ll go. Now drivers have a way to protect themselves against the threat of a sudden spike. Enter, a service that launched last week allowing consumers Read more about Worried about a gas price spike? Now there’s gas insurance.[…]



Ambassador Mohktar Lamani, Former Director of the OIC (working with all Islamic Nations) at the United Nations

“Paula Fellingham has the wonderful ability of empowering people to improve their lives and their relationships. As she strengthens individuals and families, she is strengthening communities and nations by providing solutions that work.”


Jill Donnelly, Former President of the World Movement of Mothers, Paris, France

“Paula, you’re doing wonderful things to strengthen families in America. The good work you’re doing is needed now, more than ever before in the history of our world, as we sadly watch the disintegration of the family. It’s happening in every nation on the face of the earth. If only we had more women like you to lead families toward a brighter tomorrow!”


Deneen Morgan-Burley, Baltimore, MD

“Paula, I want to take the time to thank you for doing this for WOMEN. We need all of the encouragement, mentoring, and uplifting that we can get. More importantly, however, we need the LOVE. That’s what each of us felt radiate from you. I am grateful that our paths crossed and we are now a part of one another’s lives. I am so happy and thankful to be able to step forward and serve. May we continue to let our light shine as we do all we must to continue to be “Women Helping Women to live Our Best Lives.” God bless you. Keep smiling and making a difference in the lives of other women.” 


Val McCloud – Savannah, GA

“The time has come. I’m on a fast track now. Much has manifested since the Global Women’s Summit in Savannah. I’m in the early steps of having my own television show, clothing line and specialty food/water product line. I’ve also recently partnered with Delta to promote and expand their global healthy initiatives. I am their official spokesperson and will participate in their annual {my first} 5K on May 17 in Atlanta.  All things are possible when we believe.”  


Linda Pringle Evans, Columbus, Ohio

“Things are going extremely well for me. I am blessed and I thank YOU and the Global Women’s Summit experience for assisting my journey. The connections I made are everlasting. Because of you I have realized my 5 core services and thanks to the Global Women’s Summit, God, and Paula, I have also found myself!”


Gail Page, CA

“What a fantastic two days! I learned and re-learned so much. How lucky we were to have you visit our town and share your gifts with us. You and your group changed lives and helped us remember what is good in the world. What a blessing to all of us that you came! Thank you so much.”