Five Keys To Great Communication

Five Keys To Great Communication By Paula Fellingham February 24, 2015 Communication is key to having good relationships, so here are 5 tips to building GREAT communication.   Before we can teach our children to communicate well, we should learn how to do it. Let’s begin with a story on communication: A construction worker approached Read more about Five Keys To Great Communication[…]

How To Find Success

How To See Yourself Succeed

What does it mean to see yourself succeed? This creative mechanism within you can help you become your ideal “self,” if you will form a picture in your imagination of the person you want to be and “see yourself” in the new role. FOUR WAYS TO USE THIS SKILL 1 ~ Create a Mental Motion Read more about How To See Yourself Succeed[…]

60 Snacks Under 100 Calories

By The Women’s Information Network Craving something sweet? Salty? Well fear not – we’ve got an AWESOME list of snacks under 100 calories that will help you feel satisfied!   You know the feeling. Your sweet tooth starts screaming for attention or your taste buds begin yearning for a bite of salty or high-fat foods. Read more about 60 Snacks Under 100 Calories[…]

How to Create a Facebook Group

How to Create a Facebook Group By Karen Palmer February 19, 2015   Have you ever wanted to make a targeted group on social media? Karen Palmer will show you how to create a Facebook group, where you can talk and interact with your clients, customers, and other interested parties about your products and services. Read more about How to Create a Facebook Group[…]

Amazing new film “Honor Diaries” focuses on women’s rights around the world

Women and women’s rights around the world are being violated and abused around the world, but 8 women are taking a stand to end the oppression of women and children for good. Check out this amazing extended trailer for “Honor Diaries” to see what women are reporting first-hand in their societies, and be sure to Read more about Amazing new film “Honor Diaries” focuses on women’s rights around the world[…]

5 ways to make time for yourself

5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself

~By Dr. Paula Fellingham~ As a mom, you’re always making your kids and families a priority, but it’s important to also make time for yourself! Here are 5 ways to get that “me time” during the week. The first thing busy working moms sacrifice? Time for themselves. So how do you manage to carve out Read more about 5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself[…]

Warren Buffet Does It!

If Warren Buffet can do it, so can you!   Recently I discovered that my hairdresser of 20 years is married to the niece of Warren Buffett who, without a doubt, is one of the greatest investors of all time. Through good and bad, he has created and maintained his wealth through the stock market Read more about Warren Buffet Does It![…]


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