Do you want to take part in the largest International Women's Day event ever?

We all want to celebrate and have FUN while connecting heart-to-heart with women locally and internationally. We invite you to check out our “Women Celebrating Life” (monthly) Circles, Global Women’s Summits, WIN Retreats, Cruises, International Women’s Day MEGA events, WIN CHAT (24/7) and sooo much more!

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Millions of wonderful women want to serve humanity. It’s heartwarming that so many are willing to lighten the loads of their sisters and brothers worldwide! We provide WIN Members with connections to global women’s organizations and to local and international service opportunities.



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*A portion of every WIN Membership goes to help educate women in underdeveloped countries.









Here are Just a Few Comments From People Who Love the WIN!

Linda Pringle Evans, Columbus, Ohio

“Things are going extremely well for me. I am blessed and I thank YOU and the Global Women’s Summit experience for assisting my journey. The connections I made are everlasting. Thanks to the Global Women’s Summit, God, and Paula, I have also found myself!”


Lesley Dewar, Australia

“Money could not buy the amazing expansion of my business and the dramatic widening of my circle of influence that happened because I was the Event Director at a Global Women’s Summit in Australia. We all enjoyed a fabulous event and the networking was superb! I will always be grateful for this wonderful opportunity!”


Patricia Varley, Maui, Hawaii, USA

“All the women who attended our Global Women’s Summit in Hawaii were thrilled and so glad they came! The learning, the loving, the laughing, and the heart-to-heart connecting made it a day I’ll never, ever forget. A huge THANK YOU to Paula and the Women’s Information Network ~ what a fabulous event!!!”


Coumba Marenah, Gambia, Africa

“Since I retired from the United Nations, I was searching for someone like you who I share the same mission, values and compassion to continue my over 40 years of women issues and gender equality at all levels, girls education and mission towards eradicating poverty globally.

God has brought us together at a place when the light shines on the path to achieving our shared goal. I pledge my commitment to working together in making women all over the world smile 365 days of the year. Yes, we can.”


Peace Kyamureku, Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you for being an encouragement to me when I am discouraged, a light of hope when I feel hopeless and helpless. Your message [has] changed me forever.


Join the WIN Community to Celebrate. Self-Improve. Serve.