Celebrate! WIN | The Women's Information Network

Thank you for a very fulfilling and uplifting day. The event came at a time in my life when I really needed it, I just turned 50 so it was nice to get a boost into the next 50 years!
-Angela Johnson

Great conference! Excellent speakers! Felt rejuvenated - thanks!!
-Donna Miller

The conference has been lovely. My daughter treated me with this day. All presenters were excellent!
– Mary Lebowitz

This conference was wonderful very fun and uplifting what a great day! Thank you! I will be back next year!
-Gayle Trumbull

I have enjoyed this seminar immensely on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best I felt this was a 10.
-Judy Den

I loved the conference! It was a great “pick me up”. 
-Emily White

I very much enjoyed the day! Please do this again!! I’ll support it. Thank you!
– Cherie Noor

Thank you so much for acknowledging the changes that we face as we get older both emotionally and physically. I am a single mom and have been for many years my youngest is a senior in high school and I am facing the empty nest syndrome and facing those thoughts of what to do now. It has been wonderful being with like-minded sisters receiving strength and renewing my breath for the next go around.
-Joan Steward

Excellent variety and choice of speakers - please do it again - it was encouraging!
– Jan Nichols

This was exactly what I needed I am inspired and fed. I feel empowered to go home and find more joy in my life. The presenters were fabulous!! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.
-Tammy Cardozo

This is just what I needed! Each class was uplifting and very helpful. It was as if each talk was tailored just for me. Thanks for a wonderful event!
-Barb Eden

I loved this women’s symposium, loved the chocolate, love the pineapple, love the speakers, I feel renewed!!! Thank you.
-Marianne Jewels

What a wonderful experience! Please offer this again! The treats provided during breaks were appreciated. It was nice to have the body fed as well as the mind and spirit.:-)
- Eunice Tyler

I enjoyed the emphasis on life changes and challenges that are in my life today. Life is fabulous at 50!! Thank you.  -Shelly Callister

This was the best Saturday ever!! Thanks to all the speakers who did such a wonderful job of inspiring and uplifting us. It was a wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed all the classes!  - Patricia Lambert

I really enjoyed my day! It was a “Me” day. I came from California and I heard about this from my sister. I loved it! My husband and I flew up just so I could come with my sister. Thanks for a great day!  -Kathy Meyer

I enjoyed the event so very much! It was WONDERFUL! Each speaker gave me something I needed to hear. Thank you so much for all of the hard work, time and effort that was needed to make this such a special day! Women need this! I am a recent widow, a mother of three, a stepmother of five, a grandmother of four and a stepmother of 19. Thanks so much!
-Madelyn Newman

All the classes, all the presenters were fabulous. I will return.
– Joan Ladell

This is a great positive conference!! The speakers were good and informative and fun! 
- Jessica Ryan

I would love to have this women’s conference every year, it has been a highlight for me, and it came at a critical time in my life. I have needed uplifting and motivation while my heart has been heavy. I have been separated off and on throughout the year. And I am just realizing that I might spend the rest of my life alone. I love this sisterhood - it brings me such joy!!!
– Nancy Rutherford

So motivating! I loved it. I brought my 19-year-old daughter who is engaged. She loved it, too! Thank you for speaking to all ages.
– Jill Boyan

Since life is full of hard challenges. I really appreciated the speakers who spoke articulately about the growth that came from their challenges and shared how they found strength to carry on.
-Michelle Carniff

This women’s conference was fantastic! I have thoroughly enjoyed the speakers. They have been knowledgeable, and the information presented was excellent. I would love to attend this every year!
Laura Dowe

Great conference! Please do it again. It was wonderful – marvelous - and terrific!!!
-Kay Bradford

Everything has been great! The classes had a good selection of topics so it was hard to choose! Thanks for all your hard work and effort. It was worth it. Thank you.
– Melinda Sweetwater

I would love to do this every year. It has been wonderful and such wonderful presentations!
- Barbara Willis

Thank you! This has been a great experience and a great chance to bond with other women. Great presenters, great ideas, great support. Now I feel that I am not alone!!
- Judy Withering

Thank you so much for putting on this wonderful event! The speakers were great, and I have been in enlightened and entertained by some very talented women. Thank you! 
- Lynn Wright

This women’s conference was a big success! The theme of celebrating life is so needed and a necessary subject to address in our time and day. Thank you for providing such wonderful, motivational, inspiring speakers! Each session I attended was exceptionally outstanding. Please do it again next year and again and again!
- Janet Cunningham

I really enjoyed the information from the speakers. The presentations were so expertly done with the PowerPoint pictures and the ideas were helpful and inspiring. Thank you.
– Sally Wilborne

I have been really impressed with this women’s conference! I’m glad it was for one full day as I get busy as a full-time mom. I appreciate all of the good advice we have been given. Thank you so much! Five-star rating!
- Michelle Barnett

Great seminar! I love the women-to-women comments, feelings, and connection we all felt. This event really pumped me up!
- Gail Harris

This was wonderful! I learned so much. I loved all the presenters. Thank you so very much.
-Shauna Pusey

I need it today! I just turned 50 a week ago and have been pretty discouraged. I don’t feel discouraged anymore. You have given me confidence and the desire to be even better this second half of my life. Thanks for a great event!
- Carol Walters

This women’s conference has left me with a powerful reminder that all things are possible with God. No matter what the season of life I am in. Thank you so much for bringing such a great role models to share their knowledge, life-affirming stories and music. You have planted seeds of hope, joy, and love in my heart and soul.
– Linda Hollis

Thanks for a great day! I feel like I gained the confidence and the motivation to go home and make some positive changes in my life.
– Ruth Kimball

This day change my life!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
-Karen Patterson

Thank you, very enjoyable. I made two life-changing decisions here.
-Harriet Ballard

Absolutely fabulous! It was inspiring and there were wonderful speakers with professional presentations.
-Emily Whitehead

This has been a fabulous day and has filled my bucket. It has been so enjoyable!! The speakers and presenters were inspiring. I have felt their sweet spirits in each session. Thank you for all the presentations!
-Stacy Varley

Thank you so much for having this wonderful conference. It was so inspiring and enjoyable! This has been a life-changing experience. Thank you for making this opportunity available for us!
-Tracy Mannington

I love this conference! Thank you so much. I appreciated the focus on real issues that real women face, mental, physical and spiritual!
-Kelly Fitzgerald

I loved this Women Celebrating Life Conference! I liked the subjects and the speakers. I liked how everything moved right along. Please repeat this conference every year!
- Cynthia Lowe