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Serving is one of the things we do best at the WIN! Our mission is, “to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurship, in an effort to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, and to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”

Our motto is, “We are a Global Community of Women Helping Women Live our Best Lives through Celebration, Self-Improvement, and Service.”

The WIN collaborates with individuals, organizations, and companies worldwide. One of our “sister” nonprofits is the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative (GPPI). Their mission is “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”


The GPPI has enlisted Peace Ambassadors worldwide who presented 98 Peace Summits in 80 nations from 2016 – 2019. Currently, their largest project is the International Youth Parliament. GPPI also helps ten other projects, like the Women of the Middle East Network (W.O.M.E.N.) and other Global Initiatives that are making the world a better place to live.

We invite you to visit these nonprofit projects that collaborate with the Women’s Information Network:

WIN Members may be able to “travel with purpose” and present a Peace Summit and/or a Global Women’s Summit in a nation of your choice! We provide you with the event agenda, the speakers, instructions, and presentations. We help you every step of the way! If you’re interested in doing this, email and we’ll send you more information.

Click here for a list of Women’s Organizations, and their contact information, in nations worldwide.

Click here for a list of other service opportunities:

We invite you to send us information re: additional service opportunities for WIN Members. Email Thank you!

*A portion of every WIN Membership goes to help educate women in underdeveloped countries.

Deneen Morgan-Burley, Baltimore, MD

“I want to take the time to thank you for doing this for WOMEN. We need all of the encouragement, mentoring, and uplifting that we can get. More importantly, however, we need the LOVE. That’s what each of us felt radiate from you. I am grateful that our paths crossed and we are now a part of one another’s lives. I am so happy and thankful to be able to step forward and SERVE. May we continue to let our light shine as we do all we must to continue to be “Women Helping Women to live Our Best Lives.”

Peace Kyamureku, Tokyo, Japan

“Paula, thank you for being an encouragement to me when I am discouraged, a light of hope when I feel hopeless and helpless. Your message at the WIN Summit changed me forever.”

Edel Quinn Odongo, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

“Paula, you are a great blessing to me and to the women in the Kibera Slums in Nairobi. Because of your help and support, what is happening in the Slums could not have been achieved. The end result, without you, would have been that the women would continue to suffer. We all need one another to make things happen. And so much is happening now. Many, many women are becoming entrepreneurs and bringing their families out of poverty. I thank you with all of my heart for all you are doing for me and for the women in Kibera.”