Congratulations on taking your first steps as a
WIN Thought Leader!

The 3 Things You Will Do as a WIN Thought Leader…

  • As a WIN Affiliate, 25% from the sale of your products/services purchased by WIN users will be shared with the Women’s Information Network (WIN) - 75% will come to you. This includes products/services sold at WIN events, on your website (to WIN users), in the WIN Store, and any other place where WIN users/members purchase your products/ services.
  • You will occasionally share WIN news with your database. I will always send you very SHORT messages (you can put these at the end of your email messages, if you choose).
  • You will contribute one new, unique content piece - written for women - once a month, to be placed on your WIN  page. It can be a single video, a one-page article – whatever you choose. All your content will be individually branded with your personal or company brand. (A WIN team member will post your content on the website for you.)

If you would like to speak with our Thought Leader Director, schedule a call HERE. Otherwise, our team will be in contact with you within the next 1-2 business days to begin the onboarding process.

Again, congratulations on making this amazing choice to join us as a Thought Leader, and welcome to the WIN Family! We look forward to watching you influence and change the lives of women across the world.

Paula Fellingham
CEO, Women’s Information Network