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Right now there are millions of women asking,

“What can I do to be happier?

“How can I have more FUN in my life?”

“What’s next for me?”

"I want more FUN and HAPPINESS in my life."

Millions of women worldwide are searching for deep joy and self-fulfillment.

Are you one of these women? Are you looking for something new and exciting in your life? Are you ready to improve your life and have fun doing it?

Arizona Retreat

Women Celebrating Life is a solution – it’s a program that lies at the heart of the WIN.

We’re not in a “crisis” – we’re on a quest – looking for ways to reinvigorate our lives. Ask us, and we’ll tell you that we want to connect with one another and make our lives the best they can possibly be. And we’d like to do it now. 😊 But how?

Celebration Circles are for women who want to explore new possibilities, develop their gifts, and connect with other women heart-to-heart.

As a member of the WIN you can start, or join, a Celebration Circle in your area. These are monthly groups of women who become good friends – or they start as good friends! They gather together in Circles to eat delicious food, help each other achieve their individual goals, learn valuable things at each gathering, and connect with each other heart-to-heart.

It’s time to ask yourself…

“What goals and life experiences do I want to pursue NOW?”

Let’s choose to have more FUN and happiness, and let’s do it together!

As a WIN member, in addition to participating in Women Celebrating Life Circles, you can enjoy WIN Events, WIN Cruises, and WIN Retreats as part of the “CELEBRATE” portion of the Women’s Information Network.

You’ll have more FUN, and that’s a promise!

“In my Celebration Circle we keep each other accountable with our personal goals. We also invite experts to come in and teach us, and we do fun service projects. I really look forward to our gatherings each month – I love my Circle of Sisters!“

~Patti Allen, Idaho, USA

Global Women's Summit in Los Angeles



Laughing till it hurts with like-minded women...

Enjoying each other’s homemade snacks and cooking…

Learning together in an encouraging, joyful environment...

If you’re looking for women who appreciate each other and love having fun...

This. Is. It.

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*A portion of every WIN Membership goes to help educate women in underdeveloped countries.

Valerie Ryan

“Heart-to-heart friendships, kind support through some difficult times, and an opportunity to make a meaningful difference to others – this is what my Women Celebrating Life Circle has given me!”


Linda Auger

“I love Women Celebrating Life because I get to meet some of the most positive and awe-inspiring women ever. This is an environment where I can bring my ambitions, goals and desires to the surface – it’s where I can fly!”


Carol Baird

“I LOVE the energy that’s created when we gather into our Women Celebrating Life Circles or at our conferences – it is so inspiring and motivating!”


Patty Liston

“Women Celebrating Life works as a wonderful vehicle to bring women together and introduces them to unique opportunities to serve. I love meeting and learning from women who have much to teach me.”



Join the WIN Community and
Receive Everything Listed on Every Page

*A portion of every WIN Membership goes to help educate women in underdeveloped countries.