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Does your lack of energy affect your life?

Do you wish you were healthier and more fit?

Are you so tired of worrying about your weight and how you look?

"I want better health and more energy."

When we feel out-of-control with our bodies it takes a toll on our confidence.

Yes, many of us struggle to manage our health and regulate our bodies – and our weight - in ways that make us feel vibrant, energetic, beautiful and desirable.

Does any of this sound familiar?


The truth is that most of the time, struggles with our weight, health, and fitness are not a result of laziness or neglect – they often are simply a result of our bodies functioning differently at different ages of our lives. And, as you know, all bodies are different and a “solution” that might work for your friend or relative just doesn’t work for you.

And, doesn’t it also make sense that our bodies adjust as we age? For some women who wrapped their feelings of self-worth around their physical beauty, aging can be cruelly difficult. When we don’t attract the attention of others like we once did, it comes as a disappointment. Too often we’re trying to hang on to the remnants of our youthful appearance, and that gets tricky as we get older.

As you connect with WIN Thought Leaders whose expertise is helping you have better health and more energy, you’ll learn how to….

  • Tune into your unique body type (once you know this, your health decisions become a lot easier!).
  • Rev up your metabolism with one simple change every day.
  • Eliminate toxic foods from your diet (that may not be toxic to the people around you).
  • Step away from damaging food beliefs and never “diet” again! (No need to restrict yourself or starve to drop a dress size).
  • Release yourself from damaging emotional roadblocks (that actually inhibit weight loss!!).
  • Love your body at any weight or age (Hint: it comes from within).
  • Enjoy your favorite desserts and meals without ever feeling guilt or worry.
  • Travel and enjoy food wherever you go without a care (and without the desire to go overboard).
  • Drop the pounds more easily.
  • Step off the scale and never obsess over it again.

…And so much more!

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Our bodies are magnificent machines with the extraordinary ability to adapt and improve to meet our needs. Gaining control and feeling confident and beautiful is possible at any age – it simply requires that we understand our unique physical make-up and re-discover self-love for our wonderful bodies, no matter what season of life it’s trying to carry us through.



With Ashly’s help, advice, and sweet but strong encouragement, I have been able to lose weight and have more energy!"

~Eileen V. ~

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Lisa B. (Comment about WIN thought leader,  Ashly Torian)

“Words can’t begin to express my gratitude for Ashly’s wisdom in transforming my life.  I appreciate her wisdom but it is her patience, encouragement and non- judgement that I look forward to each time that I work with her!  At first, I was so unhealthy emotionally that “Baby Steps” were all I could do.  Ashly knew that, and she was patient but started planting “Little Seeds” along my journey! Those “little seeds” now “pop up” in my head when I start reverting back to my old way of doing life!  I am now learning to “love myself” and nurture my “inner queen” …. and when I catch myself veering to being a “Princess” and doing life like I was accustom to in the past,  I can almost always here Ashly’s voice in my head veering me back to the life I always dreamed of living!"

Suzy D. (Comment about WIN thought leader,  Ashly Torian)

After many years of searching for someone to really understand me I was blessed with meeting Ashly.  She saw something in me that I had many times try to tell people and they just did not see, I am basically shy.  Words cannot adequately express what it meant to me when Ashly agreed with me and acknowledged what for so many years I was longing for.  She shows acceptance, gives validation, direction and love in her sessions and has the gift of seeing the core of me. I am now on the road to real healing and honestly feel that without Ashly I would have kept searching with no success.  Thank you so much for your beautiful soul and understanding and acceptance which in turn helps me to accept myself.  You are a precious gift.

Nicole M. (Comment about WIN thought leader,  Ashly Torian)

“I just finished shopping for a swim suit and shorts (my two least favorite items to shop for) and it was a great experience! I love my body just as much now as when I left the house this morning 🙂 thank you for helping me get this far, Ashly!!”

Michelle K. (Comment about WIN thought leader,  Karen Urbanek )

I love Karen and her approach to making it fun for people, like myself, to learn in a fun and upbeat environment. Her on the phone consultations are wonderful! I was able to get some help on my own questions in a personal manner that I appreciated so much! Thank you Karen!

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