How to Create a Facebook Group

How to Create a Facebook Group

By Karen Palmer
February 19, 2015


Have you ever wanted to make a targeted group on social media? Karen Palmer will show you how to create a Facebook group, where you can talk and interact with your clients, customers, and other interested parties about your products and services. Check out the vlog now!


Here are the 10 Easy Steps to Create a Facebook Group.

1. Go to your Facebook page, click on the link in the left sidebar of pages click on Create page. Then click on Community and the drop down will say create a group.
2. Name your group.
3. Choose to have a closed group.
4. Ask what is your intention of the group.
5. Write up the about description and share your Community Guidelines.
6. Think of Daily Themes examples; Motivation Monday or Thank you Tuesdays. Make the themes fun and easy for people to engage.
7. Pick out a day to have Promotions that members can share.
8. Welcome new members and ask them to introduce themselves.
9.Create new discussions and invite people to ask questions, share observations, offer help, products and services.
10. Create fun Group Events and ask members to share their gifts and services as a free call, workshops, classes, freebies, and webinars.

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