Finding Solutions and Making Decisions

woman thinking

Finding Solutions and Making Decisions

By Cheryl Pullins
January 9, 2015
woman thinking

How do you normally end up making decisions? Is it based on the long-term or the short-term results? Maybe it’s time to change the way you think!

Take a moment to think about the last time you needed to find a solution and make a decision about an issue in your business or life. What method or process did you use? Was the solution and decision reactionary? Or did you have a process for not only making a decision, but also determining a solution for the long term?


Individuals often times practice making permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances. This way of thinking does not assist in using your critical thinking skills that enables you to examine, clarify and determine the outcome of a particular situation in your life. Problem solving is not just finding a solution which works at the time, but it is a multiple step process which allows you to approach the situation in a logical and practical way.


Assessing the situation can be the lengthy part of the process. However, it is a vital component used to properly develop solutions and make decisions. Using this method gives you the opportunity to not only look at multiple options, but to also view the options in multiple ways. You can view the options as a process, from a creative perspective, a data only view point, an emotional reaction, both yours and the reaction of others, if the decision impacts them. Some of these perspectives are known as the “Six Thinking Hats” theory which can be used in business and life.


When you are ready to begin developing a solution, set aside time in a quiet space to approach the situation expecting that there is a thought out practical solution available to be used. Begin the process with a clear mind.


1) Create a language shift from negative to positive. View the “problem” as a “situation”. The word problem puts you in a negative mindset from the onset while the word situation puts you in a neutral starting place for transformational change.


2) Define the situation clearly by writing it down. Write the situation from multiple view points. Ask yourself a series of questions in order to be clear about the situation.


3) Ask yourself questions about all the possible causes of the situation. Inability to identify the causes or reasons for the situation may at times cause a continued cycle of the situation in your life.


4) Ask yourself and assess all the possible solutions of the situation Write out as many solutions or answers to the situation as possible before moving on. The more possible solutions can yield higher quality results.


5) Make a clear decision about your next steps. Making a decision is crucial to the solution of the situation. Note that the solution may include doing nothing. Remember to commit to the decision.


6) Create an action plan regarding the decision. Include due dates for completion and review.”


7) Use your action plan to follow-up and track your progress, monitor the decision, compare actual results with expected results. Use this information to generate new solutions and new plans of action.


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