“Creating Positive Change” Series – Part 9

By Dr. Paula Fellingham

Let’s talk about another skill that can help you change your core self beliefs. I call them Confidence Concept Cards.                                                

Let me tell you about my friend – a previously struggling and now highly-successful salesperson who made this idea work for her. She put 3×5 inch cards where she could easily see them – on her bathroom mirror, her desk at work, in her car (on the visor), and in her planner. These cards were Confidence Concepts that affirmed her goodness

“I am a great salesperson.”

“I radiate confidence and kindness to everyone.”

“I am a loving wife and patient mother.”

“I am organized and efficient at work and at home.”

“Nothing is impossible because I’m successful in every area of my life.”

Can this type of positive input, read regularly and believed sincerely can have a powerful impact on your level of confidence? Absolutely!

Speaking positively to yourself and others is the KEY to joy and confidence!

The lesson is to look at life through lenses dipped in optimism and to remember that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

We can do this – we can speak more positively to ourselves and others when our commitment to create positive change in our lives is great enough.


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