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CELEBRATE: (verb) “To take part in special, enjoyable activities in order to show a
particular occasion, event or person is important and/or worthy of being noted.”

At the WIN we believe it’s important to CELEBRATE in ways that unite, support, encourage, educate, motivate and inspire women worldwide.

HOW we do this is described below. Everything we do is designed to serve you in ways that can help you live your best life.

As you participate in WIN events and activities, we believe you will enjoy connecting with the wonderful women in our Global Community, you will be strengthened in every area of your life, and you’ll experience more happiness and fulfillment than you’ve ever known!

We are proud and excited to offer you…

WIN Events


In 2021-2022, WIN will host Global Women Summits and Peace summits in exciting places, including Arizona, New Zealand, England, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Canada, Texas, India, Malaysia.  These events are designed to teach powerful lessons that clear the way for personal and professional growth as you connect with women – just like you – who might become your lifelong friends!

Click here to see the WIN’s 2021-2022 Schedule of Global Women’s Summits (GWS) and Global Peace Summits (GPS).

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Catapult forward in your life, in your business, and with all your relationships when you attend an A-MA-ZING WIN Retreat.

Join the WIN Executive Team and Thought Leaders and receive thousands of dollars-worth of content as you also enjoy the magnificent views on a gorgeous lake in Saratoga Springs, Utah, from the comfort of a spacious private home.

Women connect heart-to-heart at our Retreats where lasting friendships begin and grow. Attendees participate in powerful Mastermind experiences with women who come from around the world.

Click here to learn more about WIN Retreats and to read some of the many testimonials from attendees whose lives improved in ways they never imagined.

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WIN’s 2022 Cruise will be in January 2022. For four-and-a half days and four nights we’ll enjoy FUN and LEARNING on our huge cruise ship, departing from Los Angeles, in the U.S., to Catalina Island. WIN leaders will present valuable trainings during part of the travel time, leaving plenty of time to relax, have fun, enjoy great food and soak in the beauty of the Caribbean Islands.
WIN Cruises fill up fast!! To learn more, click here.



In 2011, on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day (IWD), WIN collaborated with organizations worldwide and presented 377 live events in 152 countries!

To learn more, visit www.InternationalWomensDay.org – one of WIN’s “sister” websites.

For International Women’s Day 2022, the WIN will host a MEGA CELEBRATION at the LAS VEGAS Convention Center with thousands of women attending! This four-day celebration will be live-streamed to 195 nations! We will continue posting all the exciting details for IWD 2022.