Brave-O ~ Guest Post with Frances Holinda

“The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” ~ anonymous

Most of us would never consider ourselves brave. After all, bravery is reserved for those who willingly put their lives in danger. Or, for those who are fighting debilitating diseases or life threatening illnesses. But, there are all types of bravery. And, it’s not reserved just for those who perform great acts of heroism. Bravery is displayed everyday by millions of people, who simply put themselves “out there” in spite of their fears and trepidations.

So much has been written about stepping out of our comfort zones. That’s great advice, but how do you know where your comfort zone is? After all, it’s not all mapped out like the End Zone on a football field. And, there’s no bell or buzzer that goes off when you step out of it. The best way I can describe it is when your brain tells you to stay safe on solid ground, but your heart tells you it’s time to fly, with or without a safety net.

The first day of school, starting a new job, opening your own business, even falling in love are all acts of bravery because we know that there is a chance of being hurt (not necessarily physically); of some form of “danger” and yet we forge ahead. And for those daily conquests, we need to give ourselves credit; to see ourselves for the everyday heroes that we are.

My twenty-three year old son recently left home (NJ) to temporarily relocate to Australia to work for a friend who lives there. All alone he traveled the twenty some odd hours to get there, finally arriving after a few blips along the way. He’s there now, far from home in unfamiliar territory, with only a few familiar faces. Regardless of whatever misgivings or uneasiness he may have had, he listened to his heart and he flew…literally. Right now, he’s the bravest person I know.#perspectiveshift

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