7 Steps to Jump-Start Your Life!

on top of the world

By Silva Mirzoian

February 2, 2015
on top of the world

These 7 steps to Jump-Start Your Life can help you define your purpose and realize your passions.

Recently, I asked my 12-year-old niece and 13-year-old nephew what they wanted to do or be after they finish school. After a moment of pondering, they both just stared at me with puzzled looks on their faces and shrugged their shoulders.


It is understandable for kids to feel this way while they are going through the educational process. They aren’t really worried about or focused on their future. They are more concerned about the newest video game that will be coming out or what they will be doing in the upcoming weekend. Come on… we have all been there. But after we’re all finished with high school, we finally have to buckle down and make some very serious decisions about our life. Are we going to stop our education and join the work force right away? Are we going to go to college? If we go to college, what are we going to major in? These are all valid questions and we have to decide what we want to do for the rest of our life by figuring out our passion.


Let’s say we have already made these decisions about our life and we know for sure what our dreams are. As life progresses, our path towards realizing those dreams may change, even to the point where we may have to re-evaluate them. After all, I even went through several phases of my life where I thought I wanted to do something, tried it and then decided it was not for me. But that is how we learn about who we are and discover our niche and desires in life: having a goal, creating some sort of blueprint to achieve it and then trying it out to see if it is the right fit for us.


When I was younger, my first thought was that I wanted to be a flight attendant, as I loved the idea of traveling to exotic locations and meeting new people. Then I wanted to be a decorator because I loved how my mom used to change the rooms around in our home. But then, by chance, I started working at The Sydney Morning Herald and my passion for publishing was born. That’s when I decided to sign up for publishing/marketing classes.


This passion carried through to the U.S., as my first job here was as a Production Coordinator for Architectural Digest magazine. From there, my passion for home decorating was reignited and, once again, faith took control and suddenly I found myself in the real estate industry as a realtor and then designer. And now as an author and lifestyle and property developer, it just amazes me how one passion in life can ignite, or even reignite, another and all of a sudden all of my passions and dreams finally came together full circle.


Well, it took me quite some time to figure out what my true passions and dreams were, but in order for me to even realize them, I had to make sure I was awake, aware and ready to receive them. After going through my journey, I realized that I never would be where I am today without these 7 steps to awakening my deepest desires:


    1. Acknowledge. Take time out to affirm where you are in life right now and how you got there.


    1. Accept the fact that you are in your present situation because of your own doing and no one else’s. The good news is this means you have the power to change it, as well!


    1. Commit to seeking out the steps to taking your life from where it is right now and creating your ideal lifestyle.


    1. Ignite passion back into your dreams. This says it all.


    1. Define your purpose in life. What is it that you want to be remembered for? Every life has a purpose. Living it becomes your mission.


  1. Outline your stepping stone to success.
  2. Start living with the “Already have it” attitude!


Whether you’re still a teenager or in your 80?s and whether you know what you want to do with your life or not, you have the power to be whatever you desire. These 7 steps helped me find my true passion. What has helped you realize your passions and dreams in life?

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