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Celebrate.   Self – Improve.   Serve.


CELEBRATE – WIN Events, Retreats, Women Celebrating Life live monthly gatherings.


SELF-IMPROVE World-Class Thought Leaders Provide WIN Members with Life-Changing Courses, Trainings, eBooks, Webinars, and more!


SERVE Many Local and Global Opportunities to Serve Women and Families.





Our A-MA-ZING events are packed-full with presentations by experts, fun entertainment, interactive activities, connecting and networking with attendees from many nations, and prizes!

In collaboration with other women’s organizations, WIN has presented over 400 events during the past 10 years, in nations worldwide. We invite WIN Members to attend (free) WIN events in the U.S. and in other nations.

All events are included in WIN’S $9.97/month membership, except our International Women’s Day MEGA Celebration. (Travel not included)

Upcoming WIN events…

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May 2                            Los Angeles, California – Global Women’s Summit

May 21 – 23                  Saratoga Springs, Utah – WIN Retreat  

June 20                        Pasadena, California -Global Women’s Summit

August 6 – 8                 Saratoga Springs, Utah – WIN Retreat  

September 21 – 24     Agadir, Morocco – Global Peace Summit and Women’s Event

October 15 – 18           Hyderabad, India – WIN Elite Members’ Retreat at the Pragati Resort

October 20 – 24         Delhi, India – Global Women’s Leadership Summit and Events

November 13 – 16      CARIBBEAN CRUISE!!! Leaving from Orlando, Florida

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WIN (FABULOUS!) Retreats for WIN Members are 5 days, 4 nights, held at spacious, lovely AirBnB residences.

WIN Retreats include accommodations, food, and trainings – for WIN Members Only – Limited to 30 women at each Retreat (sign up soon!).

Our next three WIN Retreats – to learn more/register, click here.

May 21 – 23 in Saratoga Springs, Utah (on a beautiful lake)

August 6 – 8 in Saratoga Springs, Utah

At a WIN Retreat you will…

  • Receive TOTAL LIFE EXCELLENCE Trainings (to improve mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and with all your relationships).
  • Participate in interactive learning activities.
  • Enjoy healthful (and sometimes decadent!) delicious food (all you can eat!).
  • Learn from WIN Thought Leaders and Guest Experts.
  • Connect and network with WIN Retreat attendees. 😊
  • Love the “WIN FUN” activities – swimming, hot tubbing, yoga and more!

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WIN Cruises

About our next fabulous WIN Cruise…

November 13 – 16, 2020 – WIN CARIBBEAN CRUISE!!! Leaving from Orlando, Florida

WIN Members receive a Group Discount! Double-occupancy outside cabins with ocean window – only $356.64 per person (total cost – tax included!) for a four-day, three-night Caribbean Cruise! (Travel to our 4.5-Star Cruise Ship is not included; limited to 200 WIN Members, so book now!) If you wish, you can come early or stay later and visit DISNEY WORLD, in Orlando, Florida, where our Cruise Ship docks. 😊

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WIN Women Celebrating Life


This magnificent program was created especially for women 50 and older. Women Celebrating Life is one of our most outstanding offerings – free for WIN Members only.

If you are ready to reinvigorate your life as you explore new possibilities, discover new gifts, and connect with other women heart-to-heart, Women Celebrating Life is for you!

Gatherings of 5 to 15 women meet in homes, in Women Celebrating Life “Circles” once a month. You will enjoy learning something new or sharing your talents – you’ll help one another reach your personal goals – you’ll celebrate, self-improve, and serve – AND you’ll have FUN!

WIN Members can start a group or belong to a group – all free!

We give you everything you need to start and be the Director of a group in your community, and we help you every step of the way!

Click here to learn more about Women Celebrating Life and/or to be the Director of a Women Celebrating Life Circle in your community.

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For many women, the Self-Improvement part of the WIN is what they use most often. WIN Members can access – for only the price of their membership ($9.97/month) – highly valuable trainings, courses, ebooks, webinars, and more!

We selected experienced mentors and teachers – experts and authors – speakers and trainers – from across the world to be our WIN Thought Leaders.

WIN Thought Leaders contribute valuable, life-enhancing content for WIN Members. Much of the content has been sold for thousands of dollars. For example, Dr. Paula Fellingham sold her “How to Write a Book in 90 Days or Less” for $4,997, for many years. And now, those 12 Modules are offered as just one of hundreds of valuable offerings for WIN Members.

Each week new content is accessible – downloadable – on the WIN website. Members can learn from a huge variety of excellent courses, trainings, etc. created by global Thought Leaders

All content is available to download in the Self-Improve section of the website for two weeks, and then it will be archived and accessible from the “WIN Vault of Valuable Content” (in another place on the website).

Members will have access to all WIN Thought Leaders’ content by using a personalized Members Only Code.

Where in the world can you find content that’s been sold for thousands of dollars – valuable, life-changing trainings, courses, ebooks, webinars and more – for only $9.97 a month? At the Women’s INFORMATION Network – the WIN!




Millions of wonderful women want to serve humanity. It’s heartwarming that so many women are willing to lighten the loads of their sisters and brothers worldwide!

The nonprofit Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative (GPPI) has a magnificent mission “to increase the level of love, prosperity, and peace on Earth.”

We love this mission! In collaboration with the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, the WIN is actively involved in presenting Peace Summits, teaching Peace Lessons, supporting the International Youth Parliament and helping with ten other wonderful projects, like the Women of the Middle East Network (W.O.M.E.N.) who yearn for peace, and other glorious Global Initiatives that are making the world a better place to live.

We invite you to visit these WIN-supported nonprofit projects…

Also, if you would like to TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE, we invite you to connect with a GPPI Peace Ambassador in another nation and work with them to present a Peace Summit, with the help of the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative.

You will be able to “travel with purpose” and present a Peace Summit in a nation of your choice.


Founder’s Inner Circle

The WIN Inner Circle is for women who are serious about taking their lives and/or their businesses to a whole new level. This is for you only if you’re ready to fly high!  As a member of the Inner Circle, you will receive…

  • A 5-day, 4-night Circle of Sisters Retreat, held at a beautiful locations throughout the year. Accommodations, food, entertainment and trainings are all included. (Air transportation not included.) – $2997 value!
  • Weekly Live Video (Zoom) Training for from Dr. Paula Fellingham and other WIN Thought Leaders.
  • Group Mastermind Experience with women from around the world
  • Opportunities to travel with Dr. Paula (and, if qualified, to speak) at national and international events.
  • Valuable introductions to world leaders and influencers.

Click here to learn more about the WIN Inner Circle.

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FOR $997/month OR $9,997/year

Here are Just a Few Comments From People Who Love the WIN!

Linda Pringle Evans, Columbus, Ohio

“Things are going extremely well for me. I am blessed and I thank YOU and the Global Women’s Summit experience for assisting my journey. The connections I made are everlasting. Thanks to the Global Women’s Summit, God, and Paula, I have also found myself!”


Lesley Dewar, Australia

“Money could not buy the amazing expansion of my business and the dramatic widening of my circle of influence that happened because I was the Event Director at a Global Women’s Summit in Australia. We all enjoyed a fabulous event and the networking was superb! I will always be grateful for this wonderful opportunity!”


Patricia Varley, Maui, Hawaii, USA

“All the women who attended our Global Women’s Summit in Hawaii were thrilled and so glad they came! The learning, the loving, the laughing, and the heart-to-heart connecting made it a day I’ll never, ever forget. A huge THANK YOU to Paula and the Women’s Information Network ~ what a fabulous event!!!”


Coumba Marenah, Gambia, Africa

“Since I retired from the United Nations, I was searching for someone like you who I share the same mission, values and compassion to continue my over 40 years of women issues and gender equality at all levels, girls education and mission towards eradicating poverty globally.

God has brought us together at a place when the light shines on the path to achieving our shared goal. I pledge my commitment to working together in making women all over the world smile 365 days of the year. Yes, we can.”


Peace Kyamureku, Tokyo, Japan

“Thank you for being an encouragement to me when I am discouraged, a light of hope when I feel hopeless and helpless. Your message [has] changed me forever.


Join the WIN Community to Celebrate. Self-Improve. Serve.